Anker Made the Smartest Car Charger In the World under $20

I love Anker products but this one adds so much more to the everyday setup of just charging your phone. It has a car locator and a car battery monitor and you can even customize the color of the light around the ring of the device. Awesome!

  • HIGH-SPEED CHARGING: Advanced technology intelligently provides simultaneous, high speed charging to driver and passenger.

  • BUILT-IN CAR LOCATOR: The Roav app records your car’s location the instant Bluetooth connection is lost and guides you back. Forgot where you parked? Roav didn’t.

  • CAR BATTERY MONITOR: Every time you start your engine the Roav app will log your car’s battery performance. Keep a record and see how your battery is doing at a glance.

  • SPECTRUM LIGHTS: Instantly adjust the tone and hue of 16, 000 LEDs via the Roav app to accentuate your car’s interior or set the mood of your drive.


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