Things on iOS: The Complete Guide to Automations and Workflows

With Things 3.4 on iOS, Cultured Code has added significant features that allow for new levels of automation and workflows for Things on iPhone and iPad. In this guide we’ll cover all the ways you can use these to your advantage, plus give several examples and workflow downloads. Source: Things on iOS: The Complete Guide…

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Keep Your AirPods in Your Ears With This Hack 

As a new owner of AirPods I’m curious what folks are doing with theirs, from cheap cost AirpPod Skin Covers to stuff like this it seems there is a bunch of ways to customize them to your needs. Apple’s one-size-fits-all AirPods design may work for most people, but if you have particularly large ears you…

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Do Not Disturb – Shawn Blanc

Most of us are guilty of this, you are driving and your dashboard lights up from a notification from your iPhone, you glance over and instantly distract yourself. The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature in iOS11 will be a life saver and until every car has some way of interacting with the iPhone from…

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