Do Not Disturb – Shawn Blanc

Most of us are guilty of this, you are driving and your dashboard lights up from a notification from your iPhone, you glance over and instantly distract yourself. The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature in iOS11 will be a life saver and until every car has some way of interacting with the iPhone from the radio (something I think will never happen just due to the economics of it all) this seems to be the best way to have the phone stop you from looking at it while driving. Thanks, inertia, G forces and gps speed monitoring for making this a pretty simple task for the phone to do.

At stoplights, it’s almost universal that most folks will be looking at their screen. While annoying, at least this isn’t life-threatening behavior.But stoplights aside, it is uncanny just how many people I see texting while driving. I often want to honk at them and remind them to put their stupid phone down, but I’m afraid that I’d just cause a wreck.Needless to say, Do Not Disturb While Driving is a feature that will undoubtedly save lives. And so, in that respect, DNDWD is my favorite feature that everyone has who is using iOS 11.

Source: Do Not Disturb – Shawn Blanc

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