George Stephanis: WordPress of Things: Connecting your digital presence to your physical footprint.

George is one of my favorite Automatticians, he’s an awesome regular contributor to WPwatercooler and has an amazing passion for electronics. In this talk George discusses how he has built some IoT devices to talk to and get direction from a WordPress installation. So awesome.. enjoy!

By this point, we’ve likely all heard of the “Internet of Things” — everything from thermostats to toasters can now be online for greater connectivity and access from our smartphones.

In this talk, we’ll look at how we can use the Arduino software to create our own wifi-connected devices (often for under $10!) that leverage the WordPress REST API to perform tasks from updating live weather readings on a WordPress site, to providing real-world displays of how many WooCommerce orders are waiting to be shipped out.

George is one of the folks behind the Jetpack plugin, and is a frequent core contributor to the WordPress core software. He is also a regular on the WPWatercooler podcast, and a frequent WordCamp Speaker. Whilst not behind a computer, he enjoys making things from solder and wood.