Command-C ‣ Clipboard Sharing Tool for iOS and OS X

I do a lot of testing in iOS for web development and having the ability to take some text (typically a URL) and send it from you Macbook to my iPhone or iPad is a time saver and is genius. Command-C is an app for iOS and OS X that lets you send and receive text…

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Foundation | Design Apps – Zurb

I had no idea that Zurb made design apps, I guess I only thought of them as making Foundation and nothing else. The 4 tools they have Influence, Verify, Solidify & Notable sound like awesome products to help with client interactions when building out a site for a client.

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WordPress › My Eyes Are Up Here « WordPress Plugins

WordPress does a fine job of making thumbnails of images but sometimes all of your thumbnails end up being just peoples chests or if the image is of a person being off center (hey, nothing with with photos using the rule of thirds) you’ll find yourself with weird looking thumbnails. This plugin aptly named “My…

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