Setapp saves me money on my Mac App addiction

I’m a massive Apple fan that loves trying out new apps. Most of these apps much like on iOS I use a few times and then forget that I even own it. The company behind CleanMyMac, MacPaw have come out with this app called Setapp that lets you rent apps for a single price per month (or year if you want to go that route.) Typically I’d say this is annoying (I’m looking at you Adobe and your Photoshop and Illustrator) but this concept allows me to try and use new apps as much as I want for a small amount per year. Indie developers love this idea because they get paid by Setapp and they get exposure because once you get on the Setapp train you want to install all of the things  and try everything in their inventory of available apps.

So I’ve told you how awesome Setapp is, what is it? Settapp is an indie app store for your Mac, you get presented with a list of apps organized by category and you can select any app you want and it will be downloaded, installed and made available to you as if you individually bought it. You pay for Setapp and boom… you have access to all of the apps in their inventory.

Let me run down a few of my favorites so you can get the idea of how awesome this thing is:

  • I use WhatsApp to keep up with my friends that are on different phone platforms but don’t want to use Slack to communicate with one another. ChatMate is an elegant app for chatting with folks using the WhatsApp platform. I use it daily and
  • I mentioned this before but CleanMyMac is what I use to keep my Mac nice and clean, it scans my computer looking for old files I don’t need and cleans up language files and things that I don’t need on my Mac.
  • Data recovery? Disk Drill to the rescue. I had a busted drive I needed to repair and I started googling around looking for an app to help me get data off of a drive. I found this app in the google search results but noticed it was part of Setapp!  The $89 price tag wasn’t something I wanted to pay for it but with Setapp the app is free!
  • I have a love-hate relationship with RegEx, always have and always will. Expressions is an app that helps you with writing regular expressions using a drag and drop interface. If you are troubled with RegEx give this a try. $5 app now free in Setapp!
  • Looking for file duplicates? Gemini (made by MacPaw the creators of CleanMyMac and Setapp) to the rescue!
  • iStat Menus... need I say more.
  • My favorite app for the Mac – TripMode lets you save bandwidth and stop apps from using the internet while doing my live streams from my Mac. This is an app I bought before I joined Setapp but I recommend it highly to anyone that does any sort of bandwidth-intensive stuff OR travels of out the country and is using a cellular wifi hotspot with their Mac with a datacap.
  • Paw – API tool for Mac. You can explore the REST API of any service using this awesome app.
  • Wanna map your office or homes wifi coverage? NetSpot is my go-to app for doing just this.
  • Window management? Mosaic
  • Clipboard Management? Paste
  • Text Document cleanup? TextSoap
  • Time tracking? Timing
  • Mind Maps? XMind
  • Writing app? Ulysses
  • Filesharing? Dropshare

It’s funny that the apps above are ones I was already using on my back before getting Setapp but with all the apps that Setapp keeps coming out with it provides an great value to me in using these apps and paying so little per month for them.

All the links above take you to the app on Setapp so you can learn more. If you liked this post and the value I provided you with it you could learn more about Setapp by using my affiliate link so I can earn a few months for free using Setapp. Click the link below to signup, I’d appreciate it!

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